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Chuck Bartok, here from Corning, California. A lovely quiet rural town approx 100 miles North of Sacramento.

For the past 30 years Shirley and I have raised three wonderful children, enjoyed a comfortable Rural Lifestyle, Marketing, Truck Farming and consulting other Successful business persons, Off-line and On-line.

Currently most of my time is spent mentoring others on how develop and grow their OWN businesses, helping horsemen design Safe and Affordable Horse Housing, and of course helping Shirley Create her Fascinating Yard Art

I realized at an early age, nothing seemed to happen until Commerce is Initiated!. A nice way of saying the World revolves around SALES.

Sales of products, services and concepts created by someone to satisfy the needs of another.

I was drawn to this exciting lifestyle and knew that Sharing Methods and Systems, along with personally Marketing Products, Service and Concepts would be a Career Choice.

To have the Freedom to pick who we do business with, be in total control of revenue and profit, and to know we can serve others, by providing the products they want and desire is the best choice of Life.


The folowing pages will introduce you to Systems, Tools and Products we have found most beneficial in creating a Lifestyle we designed.

Join us on a smooth Voyage to Abundance.
Let me be of Service


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